Graham Pilato

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Follow the Fools! Graham appears multiple times throughout this promo video for Faction of Fools, the Commedia dell'Arte theatre company with which he is an Associated Artist. 
It is Washington, DC's only theatre company devoted exclusively to Commedia dell'Arte.
 The 2009 - 2010 productions included "The Great One-Man Commedia Epic," "The House with Two Doors," "Tales of Love and Sausages" (1st annual Fool for All), and "Shakespeare Made Foolish." Viva la Commedia!
Wisp winner of the 2011 Films for the Forest Film Festival in the Narrative Category.

 Graham is the voice of the narration and the co-writer with Steven Bradford of GuyLoki Films. A breath is more important than food or water. But what does a breath do when you aren't there to breathe it?
This film was produced for entry to the 'Films for the Forest' Film Festival in Austin Texas in 2011. For more information about them and their cause visit
Audiophile - Guyloki's Baltimore 48-Hour Film 2011 Made for the 48 Hour Film Project in Baltimore during June 2011, this film was selected for the 'Best of Baltimore 48HFP' and re-screened in July. 
It won Best Use of Required Character ("Wayne Hooper, Collector," played by Graham). 
A man (Justus Hammond) wakes up to find himself in an unusual position and he thinks back on all of the things that led him there.
The assignment: make a film in 2 days from conception to completion.
Joe Pitt from Tony Kushner's "Angels in America" an audition piece recorded with Stonehenge in Baltimore in the summer of 2010

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