Graham Pilato

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Upcoming in 2011/2012

In May and June: Meera in "The Tooth of Crime" at the Artisphere in Rosslyn, VA, with WSC Avant Bard: This is a Rock and Roll Western, two impressive wielders of words and lyrics in a poetic post-apocalyptic showdown by Sam Shepard, originally written at the height of the Progressive Rock Era, 1973, when rock operas were everywhere, but now updated for the current generation (both in Shepard's script and our staging).

In July: Two Capital Fringe shows: Performing in a short play with the Faction of Fools , our Third Annual Fool For All, "Tales of Marriage and Mozzarella"; and directing the second Cloudism Fringe show, "The Cloudism Project", our most ambitious theatrical presentation yet.

In August, September, and October: Lysander in "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville, MD, a show being performed environmentally, on three different stages and in the streets of the Festival between acts. Also returning to the Festival for this, his third year of portrayal by Graham, is William Sly, the young actor known for wooing people on the streets with his Shakespearean sonnets and impressing them with his monologues with the Oxford Players acting troupe. However, this year, he is a few years earlier in his timeline (as with the rest of the characters of the festival) and just starting out with the Little Theatre of Revel Grove, a.k.a. the Rude Mechanicals.


At the time of writing this, 2011 has come and almost gone. It has been a terrific year for Graham as an actor and artist on the stages of the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. Always open to new projects, he has recently made himself far more available for work as an actor, taking the plunge and quitting his stable day job in plastics manufacturing recruiting. Of course, it is really only a half-plunge of sorts, as he still works, but the new day job has far more flexible hours.

Ha-haaa! Freedom. Of sorts. A measure of freedom helps an actor no end. That is not to say that he is getting a whole lot more sleep. Work abounds.

Since the last update here, Graham has become an Associated Artist with Faction of Fools, DC's own Commedia dell'Arte theatre company, now in its third and strongest season yet, and he is proud to continue performing for, training with, supporting, and representing it. Faction of Fools is currently in residence at Gallaudet University, and he has so far appeared in “The House with Two Doors,” “Tales of Love and Sausages,” and "Tales of Courage and Poultry" with the company.

He co-founded an interactive theatre and postmodern performance company, Cloudism. Still only a little past embryonic, Cloudism is continuing to take shape, but along with Mike Maggio, Allison M.C. Clapp, and a gang of friends interested in co-creating happenings and plastic plays, it has already begun to make its presence felt in the area. Cloudism's first appearances were made at the Soundry in Vienna, VA in 2010. At the Capital Fringe Festival in 2011, its signature happening, "cloudism" was performed five times.

Graham also is now a semi-regular performer at DC's Clown Cabaret, where his character Nebbishy Neville has been a recurring attraction.

Also since this time last year, he acted in "Cabaret Macabre" (the first annual production at Round House Silver Spring) with Happenstance Theater; "Richard III" with the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival; "Beyond Therapy" with the Bay Theatre; "The Green Bird" with Constellation Theatre; "Hamlet" with the Maryland Renaissance Festival; and as one of the Oxford Players, interpreting the very Shakespearean works of Horatio de Vere on stages and streets, also at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.